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Can A Personal Trainer Give Nutrition Advice?

It’s often said that abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. This is in reference to how very important proper nutrition and diet is to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Unsurprisingly, many clients who employ personal trainers also go to them for nutritional advice. But can a personal trainer give nutrition advice to a client?

Can Personal Trainers Give Nutrition And Diet Advice?

Although they are not educated to the degree that a dietician or nutritionist does, almost all certifications include a segment on nutrition. A personal trainer can definitely help advise their clients on a number of details that concern their diets. In fact, a personal trainer puts their client at a disadvantage if they don’t help them with nutrition!

Personal trainers can help their clients calculate their daily caloric goals, single out recommend foods and foods to stay away from, help create micro-nutrient goals, and even help with meal plans*. By working on both fitness and nutrition, personal trainers can definitely help increase their clients chance of success.

Nutrition is so important to achieve a healthy mind and body that it would be a waste for a client to pay their personal trainer for fitness advice and ignore their diet entirely. Most personal trainers are qualified to give the basic nutrition advice needed by their clients.

However, if there is a medical reason for consulting a personal trainer it is recommended that the clients consults a doctor or other healthcare professional as personal trainers are not qualified to that level of expertise.

*Certain states have regulations on how much advice personal trainers can offer their clients in regards to nutrition. For example, in Ohio, personal trainers cannot help their clients create meal plans unless they are using a computer program approved by a dietician. Check with your state regulations website for more information on restrictions in your area.

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