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Can Personal Trainers Date Their Clients?

This is a situation that most personal trainers will encounter during their careers. If you are currently training a client and you both develop feelings for each other there are several paths you can take which depend on your employment situation. So, can personal trainers date their clients?

Can a Personal Trainer Date a Client?

Whether or not you can date a client while still training them will depend on your position as a personal trainer. If you are an employee of a gym and obtained the client through their system then you should stop training them if you want to pursue a relationship with them. If the gym management finds out that you are dating a client they may see it as a conflict of interests and let you go. Simply request that the client be transferred to another trainer and you should be in the clear. Make sure to talk to your manager or supervisor about this before making any decisions.

If you run your own personal training business and would like to date a client then it is your decision to make. It’s important to consider how this will look to your other clients, business partners, etc. You don’t want to risk damaging your business if you’re not pursuing a “serious” relationship.

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