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Can Personal Trainers Give Meal Plans To Their Clients?

Most successful personal trainers go the extra mile to help their clients achieve their fitness goals. One of the ways they can help their clients is by giving nutrition and diet advice. A common thing that clients request of their personal trainers is a meal plan. A meal plan is a set schedule of what the client should eat at each meal over a given period of time. They are a great way to help create healthy food habits and tendencies. However, there is some confusion over whether or not personal trainers can put together these plans for their clients. So, can personal trainers give meal plans to their clients?

Can A Personal Trainer Create A Meal Plan?

Although some personal trainer certification and training programs include a section on diet and nutrition some states regulate the amount of advice that a trainer can give to their clients. In fact, in many states personal trainers are not allowed to give out caloric or nutritional plans unless they are a qualified dietician. This is an important rule to follow as a personal training certification doesn’t qualify the trainer as a nutrition expert. Offering diet advice when unqualified to do so could put the client at risk and open the trainer up to potential lawsuits.

There is a way for a personal trainer to offer nutrition plans and stay within the law. By using a computer program designed and approved by a dietician a personal trainer could work with their client to create a meal plan. This way the client get’s the nutritional advice they need and the personal trainer stays within their certification.

If you’ve got a client who wants a meal plan to help accelerate their fitness goals be sure to the rules your state has put in place to protect you from legal action. Use a program or consult a dietician to get your client the advice they need.

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