What To Do As A New Personal Trainer

Once you’ve earned a personal trainer certification you’re ready to start working with clients and making money. Or are you? There are some important things that you’ll need to do before starting to work as a personal trainer. What New Personal Trainers Need To Do Analyze Your Strengths And Weaknesses …

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5 Characteristics Of Sucessful Personal Trainers

Becoming a personal trainer is a great way to make a living. Salaries and wages are competitive, the hours are flexible, and you get to help people improve their health and fitness. That being said, being a personal trainer isn’t for everyone. Although each personal trainer is different the really …

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Do Personal Trainers Need Insurance?

Insurance for personal trainers is a topic commonly overlooked by people just getting into the training industry. Many new trainers aren’t sure if they need insurance and are unsure of how to go about getting it if they do need it. So, do you need insurance as a personal trainer …

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Career Options For Personal Trainers

Personal training can be a great way to make a living. However, if you want to take your career further and make more money there are several different options that you can pursue. With additional training, education, and certification there are a number of ways to advance your fitness career. …

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How To Get Clients As A Personal Trainer

The one thing that all successful personal trainers have in common is a solid list of consistent and frequent clients. Your client list is the most important thing to any personal trainer and if you can keep them happy and coming back for more then you’re set! Unfortunately, many new …

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