Can A Personal Trainer Give Nutrition Advice?

It’s often said that abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. This is in reference to how very important proper nutrition and diet is to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Unsurprisingly, many clients who employ personal trainers also go to them for nutritional advice. But can a …

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Can Personal Trainers Date Their Clients?

This is a situation that most personal trainers will encounter during their careers. If you are currently training a client and you both develop feelings for each other there are several paths you can take which depend on your employment situation. So, can personal trainers date their clients? Can a …

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Do You Need To Be In Shape To Become A Personal Trainer?

A common question among people interested in becoming personal trainers is whether or not they need to be in great shape to become one. These are people who are passionate about healthy living, fitness, and helping others achieve their goals even though they themselves may not be athletes. It’s a …

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Can A Personal Trainer Have Tattoos and Piercings?

In the past tattoos and “non-standard” piercings were seen as crude and vulgar and would likely severely impact a persons chances of obtaining a respectable career. Now a days the public perception of tattoos and piercings has changed but many people are still unsure on whether or not having body …

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Choosing a Personal Trainer

Deciding to take the plunge and enter the world of physical fitness and well-being can be quite intimidating. There is an abundance of fad diets, exercise regimes, and miracle exercises that it can be difficult to decide which program or strategy will work best for you. To many, the thought …

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