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Do You Need To Be In Shape To Become A Personal Trainer?

A common question among people interested in becoming personal trainers is whether or not they need to be in great shape to become one. These are people who are passionate about healthy living, fitness, and helping others achieve their goals even though they themselves may not be athletes. It’s a great question and the answer might surprise you!

Does a Personal Trainer Need To Be Fit?

Contrary to what you may believe, personal fitness is not as important as some may have you believe. The most important part of being a personal trainer is helping your clients achieve their goals, and unless your personal fitness is holding your client back there shouldn’t be a problem. To be a successful personal trainer you must be able top properly educate, critique, and monitor your clients progress and provide expert opinions.

Despite the fact that good fitness isn’t a requirement to becoming a personal trainer, by being in shape or working towards your own goals you gain several advantages. Clients are more likely to hire a personal trainer who is in good personal shape because it shows that the trainer has the knowledge and dedication needed to create a maintain a fit body. This gives the client the confidence that their trainer will help them achieve a similar result.

Another circumstance where a personal trainer may encounter difficulty if they are in poor shape is when motivating clients. One of the best ways a trainer can push their clients past a sticking point is to act as a fitness and health role model and show them the way to success. If a trainer is in worse shape than their client (excluding those trainers working with athletes) it may be difficult to motivate them.

In the end, being in great personal shape isn’t as important to being a successful personal trainer as you might have thought. That being said, by working towards your fitness goals you will likely be able to attract more clients and be able to better motivate those you currently have.

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