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How To Become A Personal Trainer In North Carolina

Becoming a personal trainer is an excellent idea if you’re someone who is passionate about fitness, health, and helping others to achieve their goals. Like most other states, North Carolina doesn’t require any specific certification or license for personal trainers to be employed. However, in order to be competitive when applying for positions in gyms and fitness clubs anyone who is interested in becoming a personal trainer in North Carolina will need some sort of certification.

Becoming A Personal Trainer In NC


The first step to becoming a personal trainer in North Carolina is to obtain some form of education. Although it isn’t technically required to work as a personal trainer, having a post-secondary diploma, degree, or certification is recommended. There are a number of different programs that you can apply to if you’re interested in a career with personal trainer. Kinesology and physiology programs are the most common for students looking to enter the fitness and health industry.

If you are planning on taking your career in fitness to a more specialized level (i.e. trainer for a sports team, kinesologist, injury rehabilitation, etc.) you will need the higher level of education that a degree provides.

Most colleges and universities in North Carolina offer kinesology and exercise science programs including the University of North Carolina, East Carolina University, and Guilford College.


Although it isn’t regulated by the State of North Carolina, most gyms and fitness clubs will require that the personal trainers they hire have a nationally recognized personal training certification. There are a number of organizations that offer certifications including ACE and NASM. The best way to figure out which certification you will need is to talk to local North Carolina gyms. They will be able to tell you which certificates they recommend for new personal trainers.

The length and cost of the certification program will depend on how in-depth the course is. Higher level certifications will cost more and take longer than basic ones. Another factor to consider is how the course id delivered. Some programs are online, others are done by correspondence, and others are in-person.

Finding Work

Once you’ve completed your education and certification it’s time for you to find a position with a gym or fitness club in North Carolina. Approach business in your area and see if they are hiring trainers. If they are, great! If not, leave your resume with them and ask them to consider you if a position opens up. Keep going back to gyms every couple weeks and once there is an available spot you’ll have a great chance of landing a job!

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