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Pros And Cons Of Becoming A Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer is a fantastic choice if you’re someone who is passionate about fitness, health, and helping others. There are a number of benefits and drawbacks to becoming a personal trainer that many people don’t consider when they’re first getting into the industry. So, what are the pros and cons of becoming a personal trainer?

Pros And Cons Of Being A Personal Trainer


Although some personal trainers may get to pick and choose their hours, most will have to deal with long work schedules as most people want to workout after they are done work. This means that if you want to become a personal trainer you need to be prepared to work late into the night

Unsteady Income
Unless you are employed by a gym or fitness club your income as a personal trainer will go up and down. Depending on the season and current trends in your area you can make more during certain months and less during others.

Client Based
Unfortunately, every client you encounter as a personal trainer won’t be ideal. Over the course of your career as a trainer you will encounter clients that regularly don’t show up for appointments, ask for refunds when they don’t see immediate results, and have unrealistic expectations of what you can do for them.


Flexible Lifestyle
One of the best parts of being a personal trainer is the flexibility that the nature of the job offers. People will want to work out at different times of the day whether that means after they’ve gone to work or before they go in the morning. This wide variety of hours allows most personal trainers to have fairly flexible schedules. New personal trainers will have to take the hours they can get but more senior trainers will sometimes be able to pick and choose when they work.

Work In Fitness
If you’re passionate about fitness and health than where better place to work than in a gym. It feels great to get a quick workout or a run in while you’re waiting for your next client.

Help Others
One of the most rewarding parts of becoming a personal trainer is that you are given the opportunity to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. Most careers don’t have the ability to positively impact their clients in the same way that personal training does. Assisting and motivating someone to achieve the healthy lifestyle that they desire is one of the great feelings in the world.

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